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About North Star Consulting & Tax LLC

At North Star Consulting & Tax LLC our number one goal is to help you reach your highest financial and life aspirations. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how challenging it can sometimes be to clarify and strategically plan so that your business dreams can be realized. As your financial partner, not only will we help you save money on your taxes and serve you by providing necessary accounting information but we will also be there to help you along your life and business journey to keep your goal – your North Star – always visible so you can stay on course. Let us be a part of your North Star journey! Call us at 801-913-2012 or request a free consultation to learn more about how we can make a lasting impact in your life.

About Ann Lobos, CPA, CTC

Ann's "North Star" is to help others find and accomplish their higher purpose so that together they can make the world a better place. After her 15+ years experience in taxes and accounting, she realized that the traditional model of accounting firms does not provide what is needed to really change a person's life. She started North Star Consulting & Tax to "shake up" the accounting world by first-and-foremost looking at tax and accounting services in terms of how to use them to increase the financial resources available so that the things in life that are really important – the shoot-for-the-stars-change-the-world-aspirations – can become a reality.

When Ann is not obsessing over helping people find their "North Star", she enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids. She loves playing the piano, reading, and building awesome creations with her "Lego-crazy" boys. Among the many, many books she has read, the three books that have changed her life that every business owner should read are:

  1. E-Myth by Michael Gerber
  2. Profit First by Michael Michalowicz
  3. It Starts With Why by Simon Sinek